Bowie-Dick Simulation Test

The Bowie-Dick Simulation (BDS) Test is daily used after start up as a functionality check (type test, no sterility test) for steam sterilizers. It has to be carried out in an empty sterilizer chamber. The BDS-Test is no substitution for routine monitoring.

The sterilizer standards EN 285 and AAMI/ANSI ST79 describe three different type tests:

  1. American BD-Test: Air removal test according to AAMI/ANSI ST79 (4 kg cotton pack) and validated according to the test method of ISO 11140-1 + 5.
  2. European BD-Test: Air removal and steam penetration test validated according to the test method of EN ISO 11140-1 + 4 with reference to the 7 kg test pack in EN 285.
  3. Hollow load test described in EN 867-5 required as an additional type test in EN 285.

gke offers 3 different BDS-Tests, consisting of a process challenge device and indicator strip.