Code of conduct

gke GmbH, as an internationally active company of the medical device industry, has high standards in security, environmental protection, integrity and personnel management and checks and improves these standards continuously.

The following code defines the requirements of our company to all suppliers, service providers and own employees.

1. Fair and free competition
We acknowledge the principles of free competition, act accordingly and do not accept any anti-trust law agreements with competitors.

2. No tolerance of corruption
We refuse any kind of corruption or bribery and do not grant any benefits to third parties in connection with our business decisions.

3. Transparent bookkeeping
We enter our business transactions correctly according to the rules of the local legislation without pretence, deception or falsification of business transactions.

4. No discrimination
We do not tolerate any discrimination of employees, customers, business partners or third person.

5. Fair compensation of employees
We do not employ any employees against their explicit will and pay them over the legally defined minimum wage. We treat employees with dignity and respect.

6. No tolerance of child labour
We strictly follow the requirements of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) regarding the minimum age of employees and do never employ children under 15 years. We also observe that these requirements are followed by all our suppliers and customers.

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