Company objectives

1. Technology and products
gke is engaged in design and modification of sterilization monitoring and documentation as well as manufacturing indicators for sterilizers and washer disinfectors.

2. Research and development
By means of fundamental research and developmentgke's main objective is to develop new monitoring methods for cleaning and sterilization processes and to optimize existing methods to secure the treatment of complex medical devices.

3. Quality
gke enforces basic research to continuously update the sterilization know-how for all sterilization processes. The product design has to be adapted to the customer needs as well as to international competition. gke maintains a quality management system according EN ISO 13485.

4. Market segments and regions
gke services the life science (pharmaceutical, medical device industry and microbiological labs), health care (universities, hospitals and specialized outpatient surgeries), dental, cosmetic surgery, tattoo and piercing studios and veterinary market worldwide.

5. Relation to our society
gke’s engagement in society conduces to minimize the risks in health care and helps to optimize health care worldwide. With active involvement in national and international standardization organizations and health-care institutions gke enforces new standards according to the know-how developed by gke.

6. Relations to our environment
Development, productions and other processes are designed to minimize the consumption of material and energy, to eliminate toxic substances and to keep environmental pollution at the lowest level possible.

7. Relation to our customers
The customer is king. Our company objective is to solve our customer’s problems by analysis, education, consulting and quick delivery with quality products.

8. Relation to our employees
gke's employees contribute to achieve the company objectives defined as above. It is important that our company culture is developed by selecting the right people with good qualification and motivation. According to the education, personal potential, objectives achieved and transferred responsibility the compensation is adapted in order to guarantee the financial security of the private sphere and to achieve long-term employment.

9. Company and management
Company and management have to provide the necessary resources and strategies to achieve gke's objectives and to secure the long-term growth of the company on the global market.

10. Financial prosperity and shareholders
gke's financial prosperity has to be secured long-term to be able to offer the necessary resources and know how, to employ and/or to educate people and to finance the necessary materials, equipment and facilities. This objective can only be achieved, if the shareholders derive adequate interest from the capital invested.