gke took the following actions to protect the environment:

Photovoltaic solar panels
gke generates most of its consumed electricity itself through two photovoltaic solar panels with a power of 20 and 200 kW maximal power point (MPP).

Diesel engines as an energy generator
In order to generate the consumed electricity also in winter gke installed Diesel engines which work as an energy generator as well as a heater by using the waste heat for heating the building. In big power plants this waste heat is usually disposed. The Diesel engines generate 30 kW electricity and 60 kW thermal power.

Office buildings having low energy consumption
The gke office buildings were constructed under most modern aspects of insulation technology. That way the buildings only need 30 W/m3 of thermal energy and can be used without air-conditioning during the summer. The windows of the new buildings have triple glazing. 

Surface water collection
The surface water from the roof is collected in a cistern and used for toilette flushing, cooling of the sterilizers and to generate demineralised water. Thus the public water consumption has been reduced by 80 % and the community’s sewage system is not that heavily used at intense rain.

Unsealed parking lot
The parking lot is not sealed and so the rainwater can seep into the soil and does not have to drain off through the sewage. That way the sewage system is relieved and the groundwater level is not negatively influenced. 

Solvent-free printing and indicator colour
Instead of organic solvents gke uses water for the printing colours and UV-curing oligomers for the indicator colours which seal the indicator substances at the same time so that they do not stain either hands or instruments anymore.

Minimizing travel activities
By reducing flights, public transportation and car mileage due to efficient use of Email and video communication.

Use of efficient energy saving lamps
with electronic ballast. The whole factory uses exclusively electronic-controlled low-energy lamps with the best light power consumption ratio available. In the new building energy saving LED lamps are installed. 

Paperless office
gke has launched a paperless order processing system and storage. Incoming faxes and emails are saved electronically and directly processed in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Program). Therefore, most of the paper has been replaced by an electronic storage system.

The gke stationery is saved on each work station and will be printed on white recycling paper, if necessary. The same applies for delivery notes and invoices. On the one hand the paper consumption has been dramatically reduced in order to save the environment and on the other hand these activities are very time saving. New paper cabinets are also not necessary anymore.