Sales activities

gke develops and produces chemical and biological indicators, process challenge devices and documentation material for cleaning and sterilization processes and distributes its products globally through distributors in more than 75 countries and is still expanding its distribution network (see map).

Sterile products are used in the pharmaceutical, medical device, sterile supply and food industry and in the healthcare service including hospitals, surgical and dental practices. The products are also used in research and hygienic institutions, health care surveillance authorities and in the cosmetic field with plastic surgery, pedicure and tattoo and piercing studios.

gke is actively involved in standardization of validation and monitoring of cleaning and sterilization processes in the German (DIN), European (CEN) and International (ISO) Standardization Organization and does basic research work in order to adapt the standardization process to the customer's needs and develop our products and services further. Essential research findings are being published regularly.

gke organizes and conducts training seminars all over the world to pass the knowledge and experience of research, development and standardization on to customers, users or anyone interested.

Global distribution network
Global distribution network