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New gke buildings

New gke buildings

For more than 25 years gke has been growing. A large number of products and services have been developed, the distribution network has been extended worldwide and covers more than 70 countries.

gke products are developed and produced in Waldems, Germany and exported worldwide. In the meantime the existing buildings and production facilities are getting too small.

Therefore, three more buildings including production, laboratory, storage and office facilities will be added. Since the start of construction in spring 2014 the progress of construction work is visible and can be seen on our webcam. The picture is updated every day.

After completion new production processes will be installed to develop chemical and biological indicators as well as process challenge devices (PCD).

Construction site

Wall calendars 2015

Wall calendars 2015

The gke wall calendars for 2015 (70 x 100 cm) are now available free of charge. Please contact your local dealer. We are happy to plan the next year with you!!

Launch of new website

Launch of new gke website

The gke website has a complete new design now.

gke had been actively doing basic sterilization research for 25 years and manufactures indicators for cleaning and sterilization monitoring. Therefore, the gke website contains a lot of information including background information and scientific publications about cleaning and sterilization processes.

The variety of information on our website now has a better appearance and faster access so that visit will be more effective and more comfortable for you. We hope you enjoy the new layout and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.