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New gke documentation labels

New gke documentation labels

Perforated labels on roll (35 x 78 mm) are often used for documentation in hospitals. gke labels are double self-adhesive and can be adhered directly onto the package and they can be used after sterilization for documentation later on.

The gke documentation labels contain a class 1 indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1 for steam sterilization. Each label needs to show the process to be used in (e.g. STEAM), corresponding standard (e.g. ISO 11140-1) and colour change (e.g. blue to brown). Labels that do not contain this information do not comply with the standard.

gke offers new documentation labels with article number 211-349. The size of the label is 35 x 78 mm and they are now  available on roll with 3” core, double self-adhesive, corner split and perforation between each label (see image). The writing is on the right side so that the whole label height can be used for printing.

The label with article number 211-346 has the same dimensions and is still available (writing on top of the label).

Both versions are in stock. A description with image and order information can be found in the gke product catalogue „Chemical Indicators“ on page 11. The catalogue is available as pdf-file in “Downloads”.

New documentation label