Archive February 2015

Updated EN ISO 11140-1

New Version of Standard EN ISO 11140-1

Chemical indicators to monitor sterilization processes are described in the standard EN ISO 11140-1 and are divided into six different indicator types (former classes). The number does not allow any conclusion about the quality, e.g. an indicator type "6" according to EN ISO 11140-1 is not "better" than an indicator type "2", but specifies different characteristics by application. The type 2 indicator systems are intended for use in specific tests, where a PCD (process challenge device) is used.

The standard EN ISO 11140-1 has been updated. The process challenge device is now defined as PCD and the corresponding indicator strip is called indicator. The combination of PCD and corresponding indicator is defined as indicator system type 2. From now on the everyday language and the terms of the standard are identical and easier to understand.

The details are described in our technical information TI 730-044, available through this link or in „Downloads“.