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Self-contained biological indicators (SCBI)

Self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) for sterilization monitoring

Biological indicator strips G. Stearothermophilus and/or B. Atrophaeus are still used. However, those products are old-fashioned and require a microbiological laboratory with a long delay time until the result is available. Modern self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) can be incubated directly after the sterilization process is finished having the results available after 5-24 h. By using gke Steri-Record Instant-SCBIs the sterilized goods can be released very quickly at the end of a steam sterilization process.

This is a very time-saving and cost-effective method compared to the use of traditional spore strips.

Please contact us or your local gke-dealer. The gke application laboratory may support you in technical questions. More information is available by following this link.

Self-contained biological indicator (SCBI)

New labels to be used on containers

New labels to be used on containers

Containers made of stainless steel, aluminium or plastic cannot be adhered with conventional labels since glue residues will remain on the surface. Therefore, many containers have openings where labels can slide-in. The labels need to have special dimensions and are mostly not big enough to add all data. Furthermore the label is placed on a certain position and cannot be scanned without shifting the container.

gke has developed a single self-adhesive label which can be adhered on the container without leaving any residues. Therefore, extensive cleaning with organic solvents is unnecessary. The use of under foil or film for easy removal of the label is also not anymore required.

The labels are available on roll with 3” core, other core diameter and dimensions on request. The labels can be ordered as endless labels for printers with cutting device or single perforated labels with 6 and 8 cm width.

Please request a sample roll for testing!

Label to be used on containers