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gke-website in Spanish

gke-website in Spanish language

We are pleased to annouce the launch of the Spanish language version of the website. The site provides easy access to company, product (cleaning and steam sterilization) and technical information which also scales to mobile devices. The remaining product pages are visible in English. 

The website is now available in four languages and can be changed by clicking on the flag buttons.

Wash-off characteristics of gke cleaning process indicators

Wash-off characteristics of gke cleaning process indicators

The gke cleaning process indicators are used to monitor mechanical cleaning processes. gke offers different cleaning process indicators for washer disinfectors (WD) which represent different challenge levels as proof of the cleaning efficacy. Therefore, it is recommended to test all indicators at the same time to select the appropriate indicator for process monitoring.

gke has carried out two test runs in a WD using different detergents. The process has been monitored with a camera through the glass door of the WD. The gke cleaning process indicators are each placed in a holder. Four gke indicators are placed horizontally and sprayed directly. Four indicators are placed towards the front and are sprayed indirectly with the reflected water of the glass door. Both videos show the different wash-off characteristics of gke cleaning indicators over time.

Have a look at the videos that can be found under “Products/Washer Disinfectors” or directly through this link. In a pdf-file below the videos the single steps during the process are explained. With mobile devices the videos can easily be watched by scanning the qr-code below.

Test the gke cleaning process indicators in your process and determine the test soil that is suitable to monitor your process.


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