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New gke labelling device

Labelling device – New model NL

The gke labelling device is now easier to handle. Design, dimensions and handling remain unchanged. The new version is smooth-running in comparison to the old version. Thereby a large number of labels can be generated in a short time with less effort.

Using the gke labelling device 3-line labels can be easily labelled. The first printing line contains three alphanumeric digits, e.g. to print the initials for the person responsible, followed by nine numeric digits to print sterilizer and batch number. The second and third printing lines contain 12 numeric digits for production and expiry date.

The previous version with art.-no. 240-850 (product code: D-G-N) is not available any longer and will be replaced by the new version with art.-no. 240-820 (product code: D-G-NL). For orders, that contain the old article number, the customers will be informed and the new version will be delivered. 

Labelling device – New model NL