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The guideline for validation of packaging processes according to EN ISO 11607 specifies that in everyday life the quality of the sealing seam is regularly checked with a test.

GKE now offers SEAL-TEST indicators for rotary sealers (indicator with 173 mm width) and bar sealers (indicator with 250 mm width). Those indicators allow the testing of the sealing seam quality for film-paper and Tyvek packaging materials. For more information, please see product data sheet.

Test the new GKE SEAL-TEST. Contact us through our website or contact your local GKE distributor.


New GKE design

gke remains GKE

The GKE products are used in over 90 countries. The gke logo is therefore literally world-famous.

It's about time for a fresh look.

The new GKE logo: contemporary, in different colors and with high recognition value! The new logo will be added to new products and publications. This will underline GKE's innovative strength.

The changeover will take place gradually. The new, fresh look will be seen more and more - on new products, in documents, on the new website, etc.


Thank you and stay healthy!

Thank you and stay healthy!

We look back on an extraordinary year in which we were faced with new challenges.

Technical discussions, new products or other information, all this will move in the background the days before Christmas. And even more in a Christmas time characterized by Corona restrictions.

This makes it all more important to say thank you, thank you for your trust and thank you
for the good cooperation in this special and difficult year 2020.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and all the best for the coming year 2021. Stay healthy!

Our office will be closed from December 24, 2020 until January 3, 2021. We will be back on January 4, 2021.

Season’s greetings

gke's participation in Medica 2020 cancelled

gke's participation in Medica 2020 cancelled

For the protection of our employees, customers and guests and due to the understandably restrictive hygiene regulations of the organizer, we had to cancel this year's participation as an exhibitor at Medica in Düsseldorf.

We hope to be able to welcome you again at our booth in Düsseldorf in 2021.

New brochure - Monitoring of processes in bedpan washers

New Brochure - Monitoring of processes in bedpan washers

The monitoring of bedpan cleaning processes is necessary because many process disturbances would never be visible. The use of gke cleaning process indicators offers a simple and very cost-effective possibility compared to manually produced test soils.

All technical and handling information can be found clearly summarized in the new brochure, which you can download in the category "Downloads" or through this link.

Brochure - L0 Indicators, orange

gke production not affected by Covid-19

gke production not affected by Covid-19

gke is aware of its responsibility to supply MD reprocessing departments, laboratories, MD manufacturers etc. with the necessary cleaning and sterilisation monitoring products during this time so that they can continue to fulfil their functions.

gke develops and produces its sterilization and monitoring products in Germany and is not dependent on supply chains from abroad. Therefore, there are no restrictions for gke products in terms of production or supply capacity.

However, we do not know whether supply chains will be affected in the future. We recommend to buy stock orders for 3 months.

SOBECC conference in Brazil 2019

SOBECC conference in Brazil

The annual Brazilian Nursing Congress SOBECC took place in São Paulo from September, 03 - 06, 2019.

Our distributor Radar hospitalaR was presented with a booth at SOBECC 2019 conference in Brazil where more than 2.500 attendees took part from all over the country. The Radar sales team and some local representantives of 20 states of Brazil showed and explained gke-products to existing and new customers. 

Radar hospitalaR will also participate in the Analitica Life Science Supplier Trade Show September, 24 – 26, 2019. 

New gke-Newsletter

New gke-Newsletter

In the near future, gke will keep you up to date on interesting news about products, publications, current discussions, interesting test results, etc.

The gke-Newsletter will be sent in irregular intervals, whenever new information has accumulated. Subscribe now using this link and inform your colleagues.

Medica 2018 in Duesseldorf, Germany

Medica 2018 in Duesseldorf, Germany

Many specialist dealers, manufacturers and employees from pharmaceutical companies came to the exhibition stand of gke during Medica, which took place in Duesseldorf, Germany from November 12th until 15th, 2018.

Nearly 80 percent of the visitors came from abroad, many from the Arab countries.

At Medica, gke presented new products for process monitoring and process documentation of cleaning and sterilization.


SOBECC conference in Brazil 2018

SOBECC conference in Brazil

The annual Brazilian Nursing Congress SOBECC took place in São Paulo from August, 29 - 31, 2018.

Our distributor Radar hospitalaR was presented with a booth at SOBECC 2018 conference in Brazil.  The Radar sales team and some local representantives of 12 states of Brazil showed and explained gke-products to existing and new customers that visited from the whole country.


New products for hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes

New products for hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes

To get a better contrast gke has modified the indicator colour change from originally purple to pink now from blue to green.

For each chemical indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1, a so-called "Stated Value" (SV) according EN ISO 11140-1 is defined: “value or values of a critical process variable at which the indicator is designed to reach its endpoint as defined by the manufacturer” and must be specified. 

This requirement however is only possible to be carried out if there is a standard test method to test the chemical indicators. gke has offered to ISO a liquid test method which is currently in discussion. According to this method, which is available on our website, we have tested the type 1, 2 and 4 indicators providing an SV of 2, 4 and 6 min.

The SV is stated on each indicator, so that there will be no confusion.

The old package indicator version with the colour change from purple to pink has a SV of 6 min may be still available until the stock is empty.

The colour of the BMS strips for PCDs has been also changed and the SV is reduced to 2 min, while the old purple version had an SV of 6 min. The SV has been reduced because a lot of sterilizers could not pass the more difficult indicator strip.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our application lab.

Further information can be found on the product data sheet under "Downloads" or directly via this link. Request a sample!

Documentation labels with strong adhesion

Documentation labels with strong adhesion

gke offers self-adhesive labels in various dimensions for marking sterile goods packaging. The labels on roll are double-self-adhesive and can either be glued directly onto packages or inserted into the label holder on a sterile container. The labels contain a process indicator Type 1 according to EN ISO 11140-1 for steam sterilization processes.

With immediate effect, gke offers a few label models with process indicator for steam sterilization processes, as well as stronger adhesive power. These new, more adhesive labels are specially designed for use on nonwoven packaging material.

The new labels with increased adhesion are available and described and illustrated in the gke catalogue "Chemical Indicators" which can be found under “Downloads” or directly through this link

Request a sample roll! Our sales partners will help you and provide sample rolls for trial runs.

Best wishes for the New Year

Best wishes for the New Year

The gke office will be closed from December, 25th until January 1st, 2018. We will be back on Tuesday, 2nd,2018 and happy to help you.

We wish you all Merry Christmans and a healthy and prosperous new year 2018!

Season’s greetings

Visit gke at WFHSS in Germany

Visit gke at WFHSS

The 18th World Congress for Sterilization is taking place from October 4th to 7th, 2017 in the World Conference Center in Bonn.

During WFHSS gke presents new products and technologies. 

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth A19. To allow us some time for discussions please contact us using our contact form or by e-mail to make an appointment in advance.

SOBECC conference in Brazil

SOBECC conference in Brazil

The annual SOBECC conference took place in São Paulo from September, 12 - 15th, 2017.

Our distributor Radar hospitalaR was presented with a booth at SOBECC 2017 conference in Brazil.  The Radar office team and some local representantives of 12 states of Brazil showed and explained gke-products to existing and new customers that came from the whole country. 


510K Registration for Steam-SCBIs

gke got US FDA-registration for Steam-SCBIs

gke has received the 510(k) registration of the US american Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) for steam sterilization processes which will now be distributed in the US.

The self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) are used to monitor steam sterilization processes and are already sold into more than 50 countries by gke.

gke products with German/English packaging

gke products with German/English packaging

gke manufactures its products in Germany and distributes the goods around the globe. In different countries the products and accompanying documents are packaged in national languages. To the article numbers a 3-digit letter code is added. The additional letter code refers to the language, e.g. ENS (for English Standard). 

To reduce the warehouse stock of both standard versions (German and English) those products will be combined in an English-German version. The 3-digit letter code will change from “ENS” to “EDS”.

The content of the packages will not change. The outside label and directions for use will be added in both languages (German and English).

This change allows gke to keep the prices for 2016/17 on the same level without any increase in price.   

Seminar activities in South America

Lectures and seminars in South America

The annual SOBECC conference with more than 2.000 participants took place from August, 31st until September, 2nd, 2016 in Sao Paulo. Dr. Kaiser CEO of gke gave a lecture about the importance of water quality which is necessary for the water supply in manual or automatic washer disinfector cleaning processes and steam sterilization processes.

gke and P&E have carried out a full-day seminar with about 70 participants in Santiago de Chile discussing the aspects of steam and H2O2 sterilization processes.

Together with Techndomus, the gke distributor in Mexico, gke has carried out an educational seminar about cleaning and sterilization reprocessing in hospitals with 250 participants in Mexico-City.

New gke labelling device

Labelling device – New model NL

The gke labelling device is now easier to handle. Design, dimensions and handling remain unchanged. The new version is smooth-running in comparison to the old version. Thereby a large number of labels can be generated in a short time with less effort.

Using the gke labelling device 3-line labels can be easily labelled. The first printing line contains three alphanumeric digits, e.g. to print the initials for the person responsible, followed by nine numeric digits to print sterilizer and batch number. The second and third printing lines contain 12 numeric digits for production and expiry date.

The previous version with art.-no. 240-850 (product code: D-G-N) is not available any longer and will be replaced by the new version with art.-no. 240-820 (product code: D-G-NL). For orders, that contain the old article number, the customers will be informed and the new version will be delivered. 

Labelling device – New model NL

New gke product catalogues

New gke catalogues

The gke product catalogues for chemical and biological indicators are now available with new design.

Both catalogues have been updated, added with more information and have a new clearly laid-out design.

The catalogues are available for download with the follwoing links Catalogue BI and Catalogue CI.

The documents can also be found under "Downloads/Product catalogues". You will also find more information and other data sheets to each product group.

Product Catalogues Titles

gke-website in Spanish

gke-website in Spanish language

We are pleased to annouce the launch of the Spanish language version of the website. The site provides easy access to company, product (cleaning and steam sterilization) and technical information which also scales to mobile devices. The remaining product pages are visible in English. 

The website is now available in four languages and can be changed by clicking on the flag buttons.

Wash-off characteristics of gke cleaning process indicators

Wash-off characteristics of gke cleaning process indicators

The gke cleaning process indicators are used to monitor mechanical cleaning processes. gke offers different cleaning process indicators for washer disinfectors (WD) which represent different challenge levels as proof of the cleaning efficacy. Therefore, it is recommended to test all indicators at the same time to select the appropriate indicator for process monitoring.

gke has carried out two test runs in a WD using different detergents. The process has been monitored with a camera through the glass door of the WD. The gke cleaning process indicators are each placed in a holder. Four gke indicators are placed horizontally and sprayed directly. Four indicators are placed towards the front and are sprayed indirectly with the reflected water of the glass door. Both videos show the different wash-off characteristics of gke cleaning indicators over time.

Have a look at the videos that can be found under “Products/Washer Disinfectors” or directly through this link. In a pdf-file below the videos the single steps during the process are explained. With mobile devices the videos can easily be watched by scanning the qr-code below.

Test the gke cleaning process indicators in your process and determine the test soil that is suitable to monitor your process.


QR-Codes for cleaning process videos

New standard draft for biological indicators

New standard draft for biological indicators

During the last ISO meeting gke has offered a standard draft where biological indicators are characterized to check sterilization processes with hydrogen peroxide.

In this draft a test method is presented to determine the resistance of biological indicators for hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes. It will allow to compare biological indicators of different manufacturers for the first time. Using this test method the innactivation kinetics can be determined. This is a very important step to validate and monitor hydrogen peroxide sterilization and disinfection processes.

The test results will be soon published in the “Central Service” magazine.

New gke test system

New gke test system

Type tests described in sterilizer standards EN 285 or EN 13060 are used to test the standard conformity of sterilizers and they are used like the Bowie-Dick Test to check the sterilizer after start-up working correctly.

Sometimes paper packages and helix systems are used for routine monitoring to check the sterility of the load. This procedure is quite often batch monitoring. These tests have no relation to the load. Therefore, it cannot automatically be concluded that loads of complex MIS instruments can be sterilized successfully.

Since the load configuration in hospitals is changing according to the different type of operations carried out routine monitoring to check sterility has to be adapted to the load and cannot assure if the sterilizers are working according to the sterilizer standard requirements only.

This adaption can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Process Monitoring System (PMS): The sterility of the load is assured if the sterilization process has been validated with a worst-case load. The continuous monitoring of the load shall be carried out with a test system which monitors the maximum performance of the sterilizer. Modern sterilizers provide much better performance than the required type tested mentioned above. For this purpose gke offers a variety of different PCDs (process challenge devices) with increasing sensitivities to monitor the process at highest level. These test devices are called process monitoring systems (PMS).

  2. Batch Monitoring System (BMS): If the characteristics of the load to be sterilized are known, a PCD can be designed and validated to be more difficult to sterilize than the defined load using the method according to DIN 58921 (medical device simulator). gke has already tested several typical loads with the method according to DIN 58921 and offers special PCDs for tattoo, dental and ophthalmic loads. For these test systems separate data sheets with detailed information are available.

gke has extended its product range with different test systems having even higher requirements than the hollow load test described in EN 867-5 and which shall be used as a batch monitoring system with every sterilization cycle selected according to one of the procedures described above.

The test system gke VHDH-PMS (very high demand hollow process monitoring system) with Compact-PCD, brown is now available and represents extreme complex instrument loads. More information about this test system and other gke PMS and BMS can be found using the links. The product data sheet is available for download following this link or under Downloads/Product Catalogues and Data sheets.


Medica in Duesseldorf, Germany

Medica 2015 in Duesseldorf

Hospital and clinic employees, dealers, health care authorities and other participants visited the gke-booth during MEDICA which took place from November, 16th – 19th in Duesseldorf, Germany.

More than 70 percent of the visitors were guests from overseas. Many of them came from Latin America and Arab countries.

gke presented new products for process monitoring and documentation for cleaning and sterilization.

gke participates in large exhibitions. The next Medica will be in November 2016.

Medica 2015

New dental brochure

New dental brochure

The reprocessing of dental instruments can differ from other sterilization processes in health facilities.

gke has created a comprehensive dental brochure to explain the application and necessary products for cleaning and sterilization monitoring in dental facilities.

The new brochure is available for download following this link or under Downloads/Product Catalogues.

Self-contained biological indicators (SCBI)

Self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) for sterilization monitoring

Biological indicator strips G. Stearothermophilus and/or B. Atrophaeus are still used. However, those products are old-fashioned and require a microbiological laboratory with a long delay time until the result is available. Modern self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) can be incubated directly after the sterilization process is finished having the results available after 5-24 h. By using gke Steri-Record Instant-SCBIs the sterilized goods can be released very quickly at the end of a steam sterilization process.

This is a very time-saving and cost-effective method compared to the use of traditional spore strips.

Please contact us or your local gke-dealer. The gke application laboratory may support you in technical questions. More information is available by following this link.

Self-contained biological indicator (SCBI)

New labels to be used on containers

New labels to be used on containers

Containers made of stainless steel, aluminium or plastic cannot be adhered with conventional labels since glue residues will remain on the surface. Therefore, many containers have openings where labels can slide-in. The labels need to have special dimensions and are mostly not big enough to add all data. Furthermore the label is placed on a certain position and cannot be scanned without shifting the container.

gke has developed a single self-adhesive label which can be adhered on the container without leaving any residues. Therefore, extensive cleaning with organic solvents is unnecessary. The use of under foil or film for easy removal of the label is also not anymore required.

The labels are available on roll with 3” core, other core diameter and dimensions on request. The labels can be ordered as endless labels for printers with cutting device or single perforated labels with 6 and 8 cm width.

Please request a sample roll for testing!

Label to be used on containers

New gke buildings

Opening of new gke buildings

The 3 new buildings with an area of 10.000 sm have been completed.

gke will move into some parts of the new buildings in the next couple of months. The new buildings come with high speed glassfiber internet connection, easy accessibility with elevators, air-conditioned conference- and server rooms, 6 truck ramps and a covered parking area for 125 cars.

On the roof of two buildings a photovoltaic plant with 200 kW maximal power point (MPP) has been installed which produces a large part of the required power. Rain water is collected in a cistern and used for toilet flushing. Efficient energy saving LED lights are used, the buildings are isolated and only need low heat capacity in the winter and air-conditioning is only necessary in the conference and server rooms.

Opening ceremony of new gke buildings

Wall calendars 2016

Wall calendars 2016

The gke wall calendars for 2016 (70 x 100 cm) are now available free of charge. Please contact your local dealer. We are happy to plan the next year with you!!

Standard ISO 11140-6 will replace EN 867-5

Standard ISO 11140-6 will replace EN 867-5

The ISO/TC 198/WG6 working group has been working for more than 3 years to replace the old EN 867-5 by a new ISO Standard. Continuous tests have been carried out to replace the old Hollow Load test procedure in the EN standard which did not give reproducible results.

The new EN ISO 11140-6 specifies performance requirements and test methods for chemical indicators and process challenge devices intended for use in small steam sterilizers, which are intended to sterilize solid, hollow and porous medical devices.

The ISO committee stopped this work item after 3 years because of exceeded deadlines. During the last meeting of the working group in Denver/USA, ISO has decided to continue this work in order to finalize a new standard ISO 11140-6.

This modification is important because currently a lot of different alternative Hollow Load Tests are on the market and all claim to be equivalent to the original Teflon Hollow Load Test. However, they differ in sensitivity.

Cleaning indicator for bedpan washers

Cleaning indicator for bedpan washers

The cleaning efficacy in bedpan washers has to be checked regularly. Until now bedpans have been manually contaminated with a test soil, e.g. mustard, saw dust, wheat flour, ketchup or other. After cleaning the positions can be determined where the spray jet is redirected and the cleaning is poor.

By using the new gke cleaning indicators level 0 this test is quick and easy. The self-adhesive indicators will be be adhered directly on the bedpans or urine bottles. At the end of the process they can be documented with the same adhesive.

The data sheet with detailed information is available through this link or in „Products/Cleaning monitoring/Bedpan washers".

Cleaning indicators for bedpan washers

International Dental Show in Cologne

International Dental Show in Cologne

Dentists, manufacturers of dental equipment, dealers and other participants visited the gke-booth during the International Dental Show (IDS) which took place from March, 10th – 14th in Cologne, Germany.

The IDS is the largest dental show worldwide. gke took the chance to present its products for process monitoring and documentation especially for dental instruments.

The technical equipment of dental practices becomes more comprehensive. Practices and dental units worldwide invest in high quality washer disinfectors and sterilizers. The monitoring can be carried out with special gke test systems for dental instruments.

gke participates in large exhibitions and gke will also be present with a booth at Medica in Düsseldorf in November 2015.

Updated EN ISO 11140-1

New Version of Standard EN ISO 11140-1

Chemical indicators to monitor sterilization processes are described in the standard EN ISO 11140-1 and are divided into six different indicator types (former classes). The number does not allow any conclusion about the quality, e.g. an indicator type "6" according to EN ISO 11140-1 is not "better" than an indicator type "2", but specifies different characteristics by application. The type 2 indicator systems are intended for use in specific tests, where a PCD (process challenge device) is used.

The standard EN ISO 11140-1 has been updated. The process challenge device is now defined as PCD and the corresponding indicator strip is called indicator. The combination of PCD and corresponding indicator is defined as indicator system type 2. From now on the everyday language and the terms of the standard are identical and easier to understand.

The details are described in our technical information TI 730-044, available through this link or in „Downloads“.

International Dental Show

International Dental Show in Cologne

Taking place every two years, IDS in Cologne is the top event for the international dental sector with more than 2000 exhibitors and over 100.000 national and international visitors. IDS presents the entire range of products available on the international dental market. IDS will take place from March 10 - 14, 2015 ( and gke will participate with a booth N-059 in hall 10.2.

gke presents monitoring and documentation systems for validation and routine monitoring of cleaning and sterilization processes. We are looking forward to your visit. To allow us some time for discussions please contact us using our contact form or by e-mail to make an appointment in advance.

International Dental Show

Best wishes for the New Year

Best wishes for the New Year

 We wish you all a healthy and prosperous new year 2015!

Progess of new gke buildings

Progress of new gke buildings

The three new buildings are in good progress. The face of the buildings are getting plastered und the windows were installed so that the interior work can be carried out during the winter months.

gke expands its activities and will have greater space for laboratory, product development, research and production but also conference rooms for events and trainings will be available.

Follow the progress of the construction site on our Webcam. The photo is daily updated.

Construction site 20-11-2014

gke International Sales Meeting

gke International Sales Meeting

Every two year gke welcomes its distributors from around the globe at the international sales meeting in Germany. This year more than 60 guests found their way to the congress center  “Collegium in Glashütten”, travelling from Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and many other countries.

During these two days of intensive training local experience has been shared and discussed.

Most of the guests visited the world’s largest exhibition Medica in Düsseldorf afterwards where gke was presented with a large booth in hall 12.

International Sales Meeting 2014

Two SCBI versions for hydrogen peroxide

Two SCBI versions for hydrogen peroxide

gke now offers two different versions of Mini-Bio-Plus self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) for hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes. They are supplied with the identical spore G. stearothermophilus with a population of 106 and only differ in the carrier (glass fiber or polyethylene/tyvec).

Experience has demonstrated that SCBIs with a tyvec carrier have a significant higher resistance than SCBIs with glass fiber carrier. It becomes apparent that the identical spores with the same population require longer kill time in the same process if different instrument materials are sterilized. This fact has to be considered during validation and routine monitoring.

gke seminar in Olten, Switzerland

gke-Seminar in Olten, Switzerland

In collaboration with Salzmann Medico, St. Gallen, a seminar on reprocessing of medical devices was carried out in the congress hotel “Arte” in Olten. More than 60 attendants from hospitals, surgeries, industry, medical engineering and regulatory authorities took a daylong the chance to get information about process engineering and the possibility of process monitoring during reprocessing.

Salzmann Medico is working closely with gke in Switzerland ( and organized the seminar, issued the invitation and realized practical conduction of the seminar. The gke seminar was held as a full-time training course, where even the breaks could have been used and actually were used for extensive discussions and exchange of experiences.

We would like to thank all those involved in organizing a successful and substantial event.

gke conducts seminars for circles of experts worldwide. An overview of upcoming events can be found under "Events”, registration can be done online to participate in the next seminar.

gke-website in Chinese-language

gke-website in Chinese-language

We are pleased to annouce the launch of the Chinese-language version of the website featuring content in simplified Chinese. The site provides easy access to company, product and technical information which also scales to mobile devices.

The website is now available in three languages and can be changed by clicking on the flag buttons.

Mobile website is now online

Mobile website is now online

Users can now visit the gke website with their smartphones and tablets. The smartphone-optimized website contains a compact design, short loading time and easy navigation - for a quick access to company and product information.

The new mobile website of gke is now available. The main important features are articles adapted to smaller screens and easy navigation.

Visit gke at Medica

Visit gke at Medica

The MEDICA is the world‘s largest medical marketplace annually organised in November in Düsseldorf, Germany.

During Medica gke presents new products and technologies. gke is active in more than 70 countries worldwide selling through local distributors. To expand our distribution network, new distributors are always welcome.

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth B40 in hall 12. To allow us some time for discussions please contact us using our contact form or by e-mail to make an appointment in advance.

Medica 2013

Best practise to select a cleaning indicator

Best practise to select a cleaning indicator

Automated cleaning processes must be optimized to clean the contaminated goods. Of course the process is different, if e.g. surgical, urological or dental instruments shall be cleaned. Since instruments and their contaminations are quite different, there is a variety of different washer-disinfectors, cleaning programs, detergents etc. Cleaning processes are monitored with artificial test soils, so-called cleaning indicators. But how can a cleaning indicator be selected so that it is suitable to monitor the used process?

The correct practice to select a cleaning indicator is described in the new gke Technical information TI 730-126. This technical information and many other documents about questions concerning reprocessing are available under downloads.

New gke documentation labels

New gke documentation labels

Perforated labels on roll (35 x 78 mm) are often used for documentation in hospitals. gke labels are double self-adhesive and can be adhered directly onto the package and they can be used after sterilization for documentation later on.

The gke documentation labels contain a class 1 indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1 for steam sterilization. Each label needs to show the process to be used in (e.g. STEAM), corresponding standard (e.g. ISO 11140-1) and colour change (e.g. blue to brown). Labels that do not contain this information do not comply with the standard.

gke offers new documentation labels with article number 211-349. The size of the label is 35 x 78 mm and they are now  available on roll with 3” core, double self-adhesive, corner split and perforation between each label (see image). The writing is on the right side so that the whole label height can be used for printing.

The label with article number 211-346 has the same dimensions and is still available (writing on top of the label).

Both versions are in stock. A description with image and order information can be found in the gke product catalogue „Chemical Indicators“ on page 11. The catalogue is available as pdf-file in “Downloads”.

New documentation label

New gke buildings

New gke buildings

For more than 25 years gke has been growing. A large number of products and services have been developed, the distribution network has been extended worldwide and covers more than 70 countries.

gke products are developed and produced in Waldems, Germany and exported worldwide. In the meantime the existing buildings and production facilities are getting too small.

Therefore, three more buildings including production, laboratory, storage and office facilities will be added. Since the start of construction in spring 2014 the progress of construction work is visible and can be seen on our webcam. The picture is updated every day.

After completion new production processes will be installed to develop chemical and biological indicators as well as process challenge devices (PCD).

Construction site

Wall calendars 2015

Wall calendars 2015

The gke wall calendars for 2015 (70 x 100 cm) are now available free of charge. Please contact your local dealer. We are happy to plan the next year with you!!

Launch of new website

Launch of new gke website

The gke website has a complete new design now.

gke had been actively doing basic sterilization research for 25 years and manufactures indicators for cleaning and sterilization monitoring. Therefore, the gke website contains a lot of information including background information and scientific publications about cleaning and sterilization processes.

The variety of information on our website now has a better appearance and faster access so that visit will be more effective and more comfortable for you. We hope you enjoy the new layout and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.